I wish I knew what I was doing

Just do let this spirit survive

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zahlzeit said: What’s the mission?

mission 15 (*ノ▽ノ) the one where selvaria is on the oposite side of the area

zahlzeit said: Is it worth watching?

in my opinion…. no. it has its moments, the fighting is cool so is the soundtrack.

BUT the characters are insufferable, specially the protagonist that one day decided he would be the smartest human being on the planet and so he was for the rest of the show. I’ve had enough of high schoolers that are more competent than actual trained soldiers. I’m not a fan of the pure hearted princess that wish world peace and rainbows trope so I didn’t really cared about her and the war-is-bad-why-cant-we-live-together speech. The plot is just a excuse to have robots fighting, nothing really new happens.

hahaha I’m sorry for all this negativity, I got really upset that I wasted all my time watching this. In the bright side Slaine and Marito where interesting characters and if I watch the 2nd season is because of them.

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